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  • Arrival is expected 45 minutes prior to Saturday 6:00pm and Sunday 8:30am worship experiences, or 30 minutes prior to the start of Sunday 9:45am and 11:15am worship experiences. Please make sure you wear either a XR shirt, lanyard, or apron. This lets the parents know you are a part of the XR volunteer team.

  • During the drop-off time, teachers/volunteers should be interacting with the parents in a comfortable manner, as well as engaging with the child to ensure the child is comfortable joining the class. The lead teacher should be at the door to introduce herself/himself to the parents, verify that the children are properly checked in, and verify if there are any allergies, special needs, and/or dietary restrictions.

  • Due to safety reasons and allergies, please do not allow outside food, drinks, candy, or toys in the classroom.

  • Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love, but please be attentive to each child, and never leave a child unsupervised.

  • Please don’t forget it's a privilege to serve Christ and His church. Teamwork makes the dream work. Our environment should be fun, uplifting, Jesus-centered, and a place where the kids cannot wait to come into the room.

  • For safety purposes, a few minutes after worship begins, the door should be shut, locked, and only opened for bathroom break, emergencies, and parent pick-up.

  • The only person to pick up a child is an adult with the matching sticker. The lead teacher should be checking to make sure that the parent’s sticker matches the child’s sticker.

  • To set the kids’ rooms up for success, please tidy up the rooms after each experience.

  • If there is an incident whereby a child shows an injury (bite mark, cut, bruise, red mark, etc), then care for the child first, then immediately find a VST member who will complete an Incident Report in order to notify the parents of the situation. VST members are located throughout the building (hallways, lobby, etc).

  • If there are any situations that need assistance, please contact the XRKIDS Coordinators (P.J., Tiffany, Kayla, and/or Bethanie), a VST member, or a staff member.




God works through your work no matter what your work is.