Thank you for your interest in auditioning to be part of Crossroads Church Worship Teams. Please read through the requirements below before completing the Phase 1 worship audition form. While these requirements are pretty specific, it's better to clearly communicate what the expectations are on our end. Please take time to read through this form and then prayerfully decide if you would like to be a part of our team.



You must submit a video recording of yourself. 

Vocalists: Males

“Grateful”- Elevation Worship Verse2/Chorus/Bridge to end

“Jesus We Love You – Bethel Verse2/Chorus/Bridge to end

“There Is A Cloud – Elevation Worship Entire song

Vocalists Females:  

“Forever I Run – Elevation Worship Verse2/Chorus/Bridge

“Spirit Move – Bethel Verse2/Chorus/Bridge

“What A Beautiful Name It Is – Hillsong Verse2/Chorus/Bridge to end


Overcome” – Elevation WorshipVerse 2/Chorus/Bridge

Fullness” – Elevation WorshipChorus 2/Instrumental Bridge/ Bridge

“Fierce” – Jesus Culture Entire Song


 “Do It Again” – Elevation WorshipVerse 2 to the end

 “Unstoppable God” – Elevation Worship Verse2/Chorus/Bridge

 “Overcome– Elevation WorshipVerse 2/Chorus/Bridge


Fullness” – Elevation WorshipChorus 2 to the end of the Bridge

“Spirit Move” – Bethel Intro/Verse1/Chorus/Bridge

Overcome” – Elevation WorshipVerse 2/Chorus/Bridge 


Fullness” – Elevation WorshipVerse 2 to the end of the Bridge

Resurrecting” – Elevation WorshipChorus 2 to end of Verse 3

Do It Again”- Elevation WorshipVerse 2 to end


Videos should be uploaded to a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Provide a link along with your audition application in the form below.




Live Auditions will be by invitation only.  If selected, you will receive an email with the date and time of the live audition.  Live Auditions will be on stage with the full band. 


·      Must attend Crossroads Church

·      Must be a Christ follower and live a life of morality

·      Must be a "team" player (able to follow instruction and build unity among the other musicians/singers)

·      Must be committed to rehearsing at home and learning parts in detail (like the album)

·      Ability to play to a click track is required (metronome)

·      Musicians must be able to play in every key 

·      If you are auditioning for keys, you must be familiar with MIDI and software-based synths

·      Must be able to read charts

·      Must have access to internet to receive updates, charts, and music

·      Must be able to memorize music and play/sing without a chart. 

·      Must have the appropriate gear (musicians). 

·      Must be comfortable using In-Ear Monitors (The church does not provide in-ear monitors). 

·      Vocalists must be able to sing Melody and Harmony parts