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Intro: When your company provokes courage and confidence…

“It’s not the wood or the table that makes all the difference, it’s the company around the table that really matters and makes all the difference.” -Pastor Derick

ASK: Have you ever been let down by a “soaring buddy”? Can you think of someone who you thought would be alongside you for the “long haul,”, but circumstances proved otherwise?

ASK: Even in your adult life, have you struggled to find your place? Do you currently sit at a table that makes you uncomfortable or insecure? Have you left any tables since week one?

Topic One: The table of the Lord vs. the table of demons.

“Get rid of your problem to get to your purpose, once and for all.“ -Pastor Derick

ASK: What is keeping you from “SIT”ing at the table?

ASK: Have you ever found yourself sitting at the Lord’s table long enough to feel good about His grace covering your sin, but fall back to the “other” table of demons afterwards? Give an example of how acceptance and approval are different in the eyes of Jesus.

Topic Two: Trade the garment of sin for the garment of His Son.

“Jesus tells us we are “getting in” because when He died on the cross, He took away our garment of sin and gave us His garment of righteousness and distinction.“– Pastor Derick

ASK: What old mentality are you still carrying?

ASK: How can you remember the new garment you’ve received from Jesus and how can you let it cover you?

Topic Three: Do this in “remembrance” of Me.

“We have a God who re-membered us.” – Pastor Derick
ASK: What “exits” or escapes to freedom has God provided for you to break chains in your life?

ASK: Give an example of a season, situation, or circumstance in your life that was in pieces. How did God re-member or put it back together for your good and His Glory.

Take part in Communion with your group.


Wrap up: A toast to your group

ASK: What do you have to toast? What has God done in your life that is worth celebrating?