M U L T I S I T E   E X P A N S I O N

1 (vision) + 1 (mission) + 1 (set of values) + 1 (culture) = 1 Church! 

One (wun) adj. 1. Being a single thing or unit; not two or more, 2. Characterized by unity; forming a whole, united; undivided (with one accord) – n. 1 the number expressing unity.

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Ephesians 4:4-6 NLT

“For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father, who is over all and in all and living through all.”


When we think of Crossroads Church and the word “one” a lot of things come to mind: One heart, One Vision, One passion, One life, One Church.

Since launching the Shepherdstown location in 2015, we have seen God do amazing things. Today, our average weekend community is over 1,100 people, those coming to Christ, joining a connection group, being baptized, and volunteering; both in the church and community, are at an all-time high. We echo the words of “Look at what the Lord has done. It is marvelous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

But the fact remains, we are in desperate need for facilities that can facilitate current and additional ministries and provide more room for continual growth. 


You can be a part of this exciting opportunity by:

·      Praying for the funds and construction 

·      Getting involved in ministry

·      Stepping out in faith to invest your finances  



Why multiple sites rather than one BIG church?

Jesus wants us to multiply and expand to make disciples.



Is multisite biblical?

In 1 Corinthians 9, Paul says that he will do all things and use all means to reach people.  



Is this just a fad?

In Paul's time, he was using the latest method of communication--writing--to preach the Gospel to multiple congregations throughout the regions. 



Why is multisite becoming so popular in today's culture?

Technology has given us new opportunities. Seats, pipe organs, printed words, microphones, and multisite are all “innovations” that have been implemented into the church to reach more people. All ministry is culturally contextualized, but the question is, “What year?” 



What's the benefits of multisite?

It allows you to get “big” and “small” at the same time. You can improve different levels of ministry and open up new streams of ministry at different sizes and consequently grow larger without having to sacrifice community and relationships. Multisite allows more people to specialize in their areas of ministry.



Is this good stewardship?

It’s great stewardship! Rather than building one massive sanctuary with the pressure to fill a thousand+ empty seats, and every few years have to spend an incredible amount of finances for upkeep, repairs, and modernizing the building all with hope that an adequate amount of parking remains, we can develop multiple locations that seat less with multiple services.  Then, when we fill it up, launch another one. The building size alone makes it a much more manageable property with multi-uses for COMMUNITY, schools, the arts, etc…



Why does Crossroads need multisite?

This is a need because we are out of space in every area of seating, facility, parking, etc.  



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Where is Crossroads' second location going to be?

Martinsburg, WV.  Our records show that over 400+ families have attended Crossroads from the Martinsburg area since 2016, more from any other city in our tristate area.  Since relaunching our latest XR app in spring of 2017, over 1500+ people have downloaded the app across the nation with more downloads coming from Martinsburg than any other areas.   Hagerstown and Winchester have more app downloads in percentage than people actually attending the physical location from those areas, which means that people from the Interstate 81 corridor are downloading our media, but not willing to drive long distances to attend.  With a location in Martinsburg, it will offer a shorter distance to those who desire to attend from Interstate 81, expanding our reach.  


What & When

What building is the church looking at, and when is it taking place?

We are actively pursuing both a permanent and/or portable venue suitable to our needs.  



Who's making all of the decisions? 

·      Lead Pastor-- Pastor Derick

·      Church Advisory Council & Outside Consultants   

·      Location Staff-- Central Team




*The following pictures are great examples from other church buildings that show possibilities.  These are not designs/pictures for XR's second campus building.

Expansion together pic 1.jpg


  • Great for worship experiences and special events, conferences and community events.

Expansion together pic 2.jpg

Larger Lobby

  • Indoor Welcome Center
  • XR apparel/bookstore
  • Coffee/refreshment cafe 

Expansion together pic 5.jpg

XR Students 


  • Separate areas relevant to age
  • Fun, play area for kids!

Meeting Rooms 

& Sports

  • Rooms for special meets, or connect groups
  • Gym for sports ministry, or special events
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To donate towards the multisite expansion, you can click the link below, or log into the xrchurch.net phone app, (powered by PushPay). Where you see the "Tithe and Offering" tab, select the drop-down for "Multisite Expansion" and enter the amount you want to give.  Donations are tax deductible. 

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