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HER Fall ‘19

We are so excited for the girls to gather and lift up the name of Jesus as a unified sisterhood. This is going to be a night to remember as we worship, hear an incredible message from lead pastor, Jessica Amsler, and party together with loads of after-event fun! We can’t wait to see you here at XRChurch! Pick your night, November 14th or 15th!


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What is HER?

A gathering of women of all ages and backgrounds who come together twice a year for a time of worship, encouragement, and fun.

But, it’s so much more than an event, it’s a lifestyle. We own the image of our creator. We set each other up to win. We speak to what will build up and protect from what will tear down. We give generously back to our community. And we walk confidently in our purpose knowing: we are His, we are empowered, we have reach, we are HER.


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